Family Workshops

Positive parenting—Most parents have little formal training in the important role as parents.  More often than not, they perpetuate the type of positive and negative training they received from their parents. They often feel unsure about how to handle their children’s behavioral problems. This presentation will help parents deal with their children in a more positive way. It will provide an opportunity for parents to give their children choices and make them more responsible for their behavior.

Children of separation and divorce—This workshop is for the parents of children whose development has been disrupted by divorce or death of parents.  It offers skiffs for the single parent who provides primary care; the “weekend” or “summer parent” the parent, who has shared parenting arrangements and parents who have remarried and are part of a stepfamily. Parents will learn how to set up their parenting arrangements on a businesslike basis with their former spouse, for the benefit of the children.

Formerly spouses-parents forever—Parenting after the disruption of divorce can be difficult for both parents.  This workshop will assist both parents in their relationship as former spouses work towards the best interest of their children. Parents will learn: how to arrange and negotiate cud care and visitation; how to continue to parent when one or both former spouses remains; how to provide for the needs of the children of divorce despite the change in structure of the children ‘s family.

Ex-communications: For the children’s sake—It is no secret that children often become pawns in their parents’ persisting struggles after divorce. Former spouses tend to push the same buttons that “worked” during marriage. If you are a custody or non-custody parent or stepparent, this workshop will provide skills to communicate with your “ex-spouse” in the best interest of the child.

Thriving and surviving as a stepfamily—Remarried families are born out of loss–loss of the first family and loss of the single parent family. Although many of the parenting issues are the same, there are some new and more complicated issues that second families have to face.  This workshop will provide stepparents and their spouses skills in working-out the most common complaints that stepfamilies present.

Single parenting—When there are children involved in a divorce or separation, the emotional, social and economic issues that both former spouses face often multiply. This presentation will provide tools for both the custodial and non-custodial parent to crate a better relationship with their children and gain more time for personal development without feeling guilty.  This presentation will assist parents in establishing good parenting partnerships in the best interest of the children.

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